Soprano Julia Sophie Wagner grew up in Munich but has been calling Leipzig her home for quite some time now. Born into a family where music aways played an important part, both professionally and in private. Raised in the musical tradition of Johann Sebastian Bach; the interpretation of his work is what she is especially known for. In 2021 Julia has been appointed to the board of directors of the prestigious Neue Bachgesellschaft e.V.

Musical categories is what Julia is trying to avoid at all times. She feels at home with baroque music as well as with the great works of the classic and romantic period. Her debut at the Kennedy Center Washington, where she performed her first Beethoven "Missa Solemnis" was voted "Kennedy Center event 2014" by Washington Life Magazine. At the same time she has great interest in contemporary music, especially in the challenge of bringing together complex musical content and direct emotional access. Chamber music with the great possibilities of direct communication within the ensemble as well as with the audience, and in this genre especially art song, has a special place in her repertoire. In the past years Julia has brought to life numerous programs and projects, oftentimes together with the renowned pianist Eric Schneider.

After some years away from the opera stage while her children were little, she will be heard there more often; a member of the Leipzig Opera ensemble for most of the 2019/20 season she has been returning as a guest, singing "Pamina" in Mozarts "Magic Flute" as well as "Friederike" in "Paradiese", a new opera by Gerd Kühr.

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